Coaching Staff

Johnny Turner

Contact Information:

Title: Alaska Rush Soccer Club Staff Coach – Youth Director of Coaching (overseeing the Alaska Rush precompetitive development program) / Recreational Director


  • Head Coach  2017 Boys / 2017 Girls

Boards: I have served on the Anchorage District Federation BOD, Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) Board of Directors, Anchorage Sports Association before the United Anchorage Youth Soccer League (UAYSL), and with UAYSL. 

Coaching Experience:

  • (May 1994 – Present) at the Club level
  • May 1994 -February 2016 – Cook Inlet Soccer Club (23 years)
  • September 2016 – July 2017 – Chugiak Soccer Club (1 year)
  • August 2017 – Present – Alaska Rush Soccer Club (6.5 years)


  • 2019 Alaska Youth Soccer Association Coach of the Year – Girls Competitive
  • USSF F/E/State D/National D, NSCAA State Diploma, and Regional Diploma courses in Alaska.
  • NSCAA National Diploma Course at Fresno State University. 
  • Attended the USSF C license course in Bradenton, FL.   
  • National Youth License with Dr. Tom Fleck.
  • Attained several special topics diplomas, and the NSCAA GK I & II with Chad Liddle from the Darlington School.
  • Attended 12 NSCAA annual conventions across the United States, and other soccer symposiums hosted in the State of Alaska
  • Far West Region IV Semifinalist Lancaster CA with 97 Girls
  • Beaverton Cup OR Champions 00 Girls
  • Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup Champions 02 Girls
  • Attended the FWR IV Tournament with 97G (Lancaster Ca), 02G (Albuquerque NM), and O3G (Boise. ID) teams


  • University of Louisville, St. Leo’s College, Chapman College, University of Albuquerque, Community College of the Air Force, University of Maryland Far East Division, Wayland Baptist College, University of Alaska Anchorage(degrees) CCAF associate in applied science / University of Maryland AA

    Favorite Food:
    See food (Pizza / Lasagna / Spaghetti / Chicken / Salmon / Halibut / Steak / Asian food (lived in the Republic of Korea five years), I am not a picky eater)
    Favorite Team: I do not have a favorite team.  There are several teams I follow in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and domestically. I like the European Championships League, Olympic and World Cups. I am also looking for great matchups at all levels male and female.
    Favorite 3 Male Players: Christian Pulisic, Tyler Adams, Weston McKennie
    Favorite 3 Female Players: Mallory Swanson, Jaden Shaw, Sofia Smith

    Why do you coach?

    I enjoy teaching (coaching). Seeing players train and then execute the technical and tactical skills they have practiced in match play. It is a joy to see children realize they have grown in their soccer skills, and for them to feel good and confident in their newfound abilities. I had a parent early on in my coaching career approach me to thank me for coaching her son. I told her that our organization had many wonderful coaches, and she agreed, but she said, “you believed in my son”.  I was touched by the notion that I could make a difference in the life of a child having a positive impact on them and them having FUN playing the sport of soccer long term! Not every child will like soccer or want to continue, but many if not most will want to continue playing with their friends, they develop all the way through high school in their youth soccer careers.  It is neat the lifelong relationships they develop playing club soccer all the way through high school and beyond.

    Why Alaska Rush?
    Other Alaska Rush coaches invited me to coach for Alaska Rush. I had 24 years of experience with two other youth soccer organizations and was starting a new degree program with the University of Alaska Anchorage. They were losing three coaches due to moves to other parts of Alaska or out-of-state. I was able to take over two teams I envisioned building a precompetitive development program (a bridge between recreational and competitive soccer). I love coaching and am enthusiastic about it. Alaska Rush was close to my home residence, and it was more economical to work closer to home. 

    Additionally, Alaska Rush, formerly Goldstrikers Soccer Club, had a rich history of developing youth soccer players to compete at a high level with many alumni moving on to play at the collegiate level on both academic and soccer scholarships.  Once affiliated with Rush Soccer’s growing youth soccer empire, they became one of 125 youth clubs in the United States and Rush has affiliate organizations in 40 other countries.  Being part of a large organization creates many more opportunities and resources for player development, travel on and with other Rush affiliates and enhances chances to be identified as an elite athlete.  Rush players have been awarded 100 million in scholarships.  Many players, besides receiving an education, have gone on to play in the professional ranks here and abroad.  Rush Soccer supports its coaches with Rush Coaching Resources and Development, and the College Advisory Program to help our athletes market themselves to collegiate programs with academic programs that interest each individual.   

    Other than coaching, what do you enjoy doing?

    Reading, Gardening, Hiking, Berry Picking, Travel, Yard Work, and Dining Out.