Coaching Staff

Chris Foster

Contact Information:

Teams HC/AC: 2009 boys AC/GK Coach 2015 girls

Coaching Experience:
21 years -AK Rush / Boys and Girls club / Cook Inlet S.C. / East Anchorage high school

East High school/ diploma     Purdue university global associates and bachelor degree in health and wellness still being completed

Playing Experience: GK 1996 to 2000 East Anchorage high. Full Force Soccer Club men’s team 1997 to 2009 – 1 year at southwestern Oregon community College 2002 to 2003

Favorite Food:
Favorite Team: USMNT
Favorite 3 Players: Tim Howard / frank Lampard / Javon Stewart-foster 2009 rush boys (MY SON)

Why do you coach?

I love the game it’s so much fun to play and coach when you get to see work pay off for the kids it’s fulfilling as a coach knowing you had a part in helping shape a kids path in this sport it is truly a blessing that I will never take for granted.

Why Alaska Rush?
Simply the best all around great coaches great leadership various opportunities for growth in both education and playing experience for the kids traveling is a big part and the experience the teams get are amazing.

Other than coaching, what do you enjoy doing?

Being at home with family watching my 49ers play football Cooking food