alaska rush expansion

Sitka Rush

Alaska Rush is very excited to announce the formation of a new partnership to bring Rush Soccer to Sitka!

“I am very excited to announce this partnership,” said Technical Director Brian Lux. “Sitka has a great thing going with their players, coaches and families and we are very happy to add them to our ever growing family in Alaska and worldwide!”

Sitka Youth Soccer will begin playing under the Rush umbrella beginning this summer. They currently offer programs for kids in K-12 with more than 160 players currently participating. Those players will all now have the opportunity to guest play with other AK Rush teams as well as getting access to all the Rush National programs like Select, CAP and Rush Fest,

See below for what the leaders of Sitka Rush had to say about this great new partnership:

“As one of the founding members of Sitka Youth Soccer in 2019, I’d like to express my excitement about becoming part of the larger soccer community in Alaska and beyond. When our program started we had 50 kids. In 2 1/2 years we’ve grown to more than 150. The energy and buzz around the sport in Sitka has shown us that our kids need more opportunities. We’re thankful to Alaska Rush for bringing us into their family at this perfect time! We no longer feel isolated on a remote southeast island. We now feel part of the larger Alaska soccer community and are looking forward to forming new friendships around the State through our membership with Rush.”

-Randy Hitchcock, President

“From a coach’s perspective, I can’t wait for the opportunity to expand my own soccer knowledge through Rush and be able to share that with the other coaches and volunteers in Sitka. I see this partnership as a way to solidify and grow the soccer program here as well as a way allow kids in Sitka to see a future with soccer.”

-Brock Vowell, Director of Coaching

“Losing opportunities to play, coach, and referee soccer was something I feared when I moved to Sitka. I was so excited to get connected with Sitka Youth Soccer and be a part of the great program we’re growing here. This merger with Rush will only expand opportunities for Sitka kids to have access to soccer, for coaches to learn new drills to keep practices fun and educational, and it will help Sitkans see a future in soccer for their kids as they grow up. It’s nice to partner with an organization that actively works to include rural communities in the state to serve the kids. The beautiful game can be found anywhere – Rush gets that.”

-Liberty Siegle, Director of Operations

Welcome again to Sitka and GO RUSH!

Our Other Affiliates

Juneau Soccer Club: The Juneau Soccer Club fosters the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of Juneau’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels and ages.

Director of CoachingMoctar Diouf

Home Rush

Homer United F.C. offers a partnership with Alaska Rush for the player interested in travel, higher level competition and development alongside some of the best coaches and players in the state.

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Sitka Rush

Sitka Rush Soccer ClubSitka Rush Soccer Club is run by volunteer parents and individuals who have a strong interest in seeing the sport of soccer continue to grow and thrive in Sitka, Alaska.

Technical DirectorBrock Vowell